WWE 2013 Survivor Series Recap

Survivor series was, as usual, full of great matches and intense moments. Below you will find some of what we thought were the best highlights of the night, so if you haven’t watched the event yet or heard about the outcome of these matches, then read no further as this will be a spoiler filled article.

elimination- boys
Tag team elimination-Team 1- Rhodes Brother’s The Usos and Rey Mysterio – Compliments of WWE.com

The first match of the night was a classic 5 on 5 Survivor match. This means that you have two tag teams of 5 members each and you can’t win until all of the opposing team has been eliminated. In the first match you saw the Team of The Rhodes Brothers (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) the Uso’s and Rey Mysterio (who had just come back 6 days previously from a knee injury that has kept him out of action for several months). They were against the Shield and the Real Americans. The Rhodes brothers team took an early lead to the point that it became a 5 on 2 match with only two members of the shield left. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins would fight back but it was Roman Reigns who really shone in this match as it came down to him vs Goldust and Mysterio. With two huge spears, Roman Reigns took out both opponents in short order and became the survivor of the first match.

langston vs axel
Big E wins over Curtis Axel - Compliments of WWE.com

The second match was Big E Langston and Curtis Axel. This previous week Big E had taken the Intercontinental Championship from Curtis Axel who is the son of Mr. Perfect. Though I am not a huge fan of Curtis Axel, the match wasn’t too bad with some good back and forth with Big E retaining the championship.

elimination- girls
Natalia From “Total Divas” wins! - Compliments of WWE.com

The following match was another survivor match but this time it was 7 on 7 with the cast of the E! show Total Diva’s going against AJ Lee’s team that was comprised of the other Diva’s that aren’t on the show with the others. I personally found this match to be very boring and unbelievable, it seemed that when each Diva came in they would take about 3 hits and then be pinned yet we know from seeing them on the weekly shows that these Diva’s can take much more punishment than that. We were happy at the end though as the Total Diva’s won the match, the only part of that that made us sad though was that we had to cheer against Kaitlyn who was the only “True Diva” that we like seeing.

henry vs ryback
Mark Henry returns to WWE against Ryback- Compliments of WWE.com

Ryback then made his way to the ring and issued an open challenge to the locker room, the one that came out to accept was Mark Henry who was returning from injury. There was a slight back and forth between the two but Mark Henry seemed to have control most of the match and was able to secure the win in this match. Nothing really surprising in this match except for when Mark Henry first came out and you realize he is now bald.

Cena vs Delrio
Cena and DelRio had an awesome match- Compliments of WWE.com

The next match was a rematch from last months Hell in a Cell pay per view where Alberto Del Rio was trying to regain the World Heavyweight Championship title. This match highlighted the ferocity that has become normal for Del Rio recently as he went after Cena fast and hard right away. People were still commenting that Cena could be the underdog in this match due to his arm perhaps not being 100% after having surgery only a few months ago. This match had some great back and forth between the two opponents but honestly what else could be expected from these two superstars. Starting with Del Rio on top each one took over several times with being the aggressor making this one hell of a match to watch. Once again, however, Cena was able to come from behind and pick up a win in his home town of Boston.

pun and bryan vs wyatts
CM Punk and Daniel Bryan hold their own as a tag team- Compliments of WWE.com

We then saw C.M. Punk teaming with Daniel Bryan against the Wyatt Family. This match was several weeks in the making as the Wyatt’s kept attacking both Punk and Bryan backstage or after their matches. Finally the two decided to join forces against the Wyatts and have been working very well together. This turned out to be a very interesting match simply for the fact that one team is composed of two huge bruisers that use their brute strength to win against two very technical wrestlers. Punk and Bryan were able to pick up the win after Punk gave Luke Harper the “Go To Sleep” finisher. After that we saw Bray Wyatt punching the barricades in frustration before almost getting in the ring himself but backing down at the last moment.

show vs orton
Orton and Show have a great match, until The Authority shows up- Compliments of WWE.com

The main event was Big Show and Randy Orton. This match was very long in coming as the Big Show kept suffering at the hands of the Authority with the help of Orton and the Shield. Big Show was even fired from the company though he kept making his presence felt. Finally to settle a law suit the Big Show was bringing against the WWE, Triple H was told by the Board of Directors to settle out of court which Big Shows terms were to get his job back and have this match, he was given both. This match is for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. For someone like me, the beginning of the match was very good to watch as Big Show took it to Orton hard and fast, punishing him for all that had happened recently. Orton gave some back to Show but things changed when the two of them ended up outside the ring. The Referee tried to get them back into the ring and was half out himself and Show throwing Orton into the ropes caught the Ref’s leg with Orton’s body. Big show was able to knock out Orton with a KO punch as they battled outside the ring but as Orton was pushed back in the ring, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out onto the ramp with Triple H’s music playing thus distracting Big Show and letting Orton get up and RKO Big Show. Orton then hit the punt to Big Shows temple knocking him out and securing the win with the help of the Authority. Once again a fan favorite has been screwed over by what Triple H would call is “Best for Business”.

orton vs cena
Orton and Cena face off- Champ vs Champ - Compliments of WWE.com

After the matches Cena came out and confronted Orton in the ring. Nothing was said, at least not during filming, but perhaps this could lead up to a match in December at Tables Ladders Chairs that could unify the two Heavyweight Titles.