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Walmart and the Shopping Super Bowl

As Thanksgiving gets closer, so does the coveted Black Friday shopping day. But for you die-hard shoppers, you are about to receive really good news. Walmart is offering certain Black Friday prices THIS Friday, November 22nd, a whole week early! The “Pre-Black Friday Event” as Walmart is lovingly calling the sale, begins at 8am on November 22nd.

Trying to Compete

Why is Walmart offering this sale a week early? Blame it all on the shortened holiday shopping season. According to the Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer of Walmart, Black Friday is the Super Bowl for Walmart and they have to set their sights on winning the game. Those coveted 6 shopping days that we are all missing out on due to a later than usual Thanksgiving is causing retailers, like Walmart, to rethink their strategy in order to come out on top of the game this holiday season. Who are you betting on this season?

Fighting for the Top

Walmart is trying to find a way to keep their sales up. Along the way, they are also trying to get a leg up on stores like Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Target. In fact, a majority of the sales offered on this “pre-Black Friday” are sales that these competitors are offering on the “real” shopping day. Walmart certainly is not going to make any friends in the retail industry with this strategy! They are putting up their fists and trying to come out ahead of everyone else this season. Will they be successful? I guess only time will tell.

Black Friday Shopping

The Official Black Friday

You might be wondering about the traditional Black Friday. Will Walmart still offer their usual large selection of sales? You betcha! In fact, they will have several sales to offer: one starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day, another at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day and then again at 8am on what used to be the only Black Friday. Wait – that’s not all! You can also start shopping online for Walmart deals early Thanksgiving morning for those deals that you would otherwise have to wait until Black Friday to get.

Whew! It sure is going to be a whirlwind of a shopping experience this holiday season, especially at Walmart. For you shoppers that already have your lists ready, your walking shoes prepped and your wallets thickened – you can get your shopping fill as early as tomorrow! Good luck!



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