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Sons Of Anarchy’s Final Season: Predictions And Speculations

‘Sons of Anarchy’ recently wrapped up its penultimate season and set the internet’s ‘SoA’ fans all a flutter. That is, the die hard fans of the FX biker drama either shouted out at their TVs about the brutal and expected yet unexpected death or got the wheels turning in their heads about what sort of gang wars we will see next year, in the show’s final season. Or, if you’re like me, you experienced both. Clearly this is a spoiler-friendly zone. So if you haven’t watched the season 6 finale yet, then who are you and why are you here? Go now.

That being said, let’s give a quick recap. Gemma got drunk and high and was misinformed about Tara’s actions. So she decided to wait at the house for the former doc and beat her with an iron, drown her in the kitchen sink, and take a carving fork to her head. Meanwhile, we’ve got Nero back with his old gang since he’s pretty much realized at this point that the Sons are bad news and Gemma could only be worse. I think he said it best a few episodes ago when he pointed out that something bad happens to anyone Gemma marries.

Surely there will be a large part of next season dedicated to the Mayans breaking what peace they had with the Sons, while Jax remains in the dark about pretty much every terrible thing his mother has accomplished. But I see him finally finding out near the end and while I can’t see him murdering Gemma, I can see Jax doing something – anything – to make her life Hell while she’s alive. Like, say, take her grandsons away and himself out of her life, for example. Which could mean death for our Jacky Boy at the end of the series. While I don’t want that for the poor guy, I can’t see him riding off into the sunset without Tara, his anchor.

So maybe his only happy ending could be death, in a way, and leaving his boys to someone who will keep them away from the life that killed both his father and his wife, his anchor. That leaves us to wonder, of course, who the Hell could take the boys? Wendy? Meh. Bobby? He really is the only voice of reason in the club. But he’d only make a good guardian if he left the club. Then again, didn’t he have some kids in season 1 that are never spoken of anymore?

Kurt Sutter has mentioned that next season will be something of a bloodbath, and if this season’s finale is any indication, then all bets are off.



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