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Sons of Anarchy Recap Review: Season 6, Episode 11 ‘Aon Rud Persanta’

It’s the same thing every week and it’s really quite sad. I set my DVR to record ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and imagine myself saving the precious episode for a time when my husband is preoccupied with the baby in another part of the house. When I can bring some junk food up to be bedroom and lock myself away for an hour or hour and a half if we’re lucky enough to get one of those extended episode gems. That’s the fantasy I harbor every week. That is the furthest thing from what actually goes down.

11:30 rolls around and I’m still awake and itching to see the treasure my DVR has for me. My fingers hover over the buttons on the remote, so close to opening the recordings list. And while I know the baby will give me a 6 or 8 a.m. wakeup wail, I still snatch up the remote and start the show that had only just completed recording.

This week was no different, though I did toy with the idea of holding off since this would be the last episode until December 3rd. Obviously I did nothing of the sort.

Like last week, we open with Tara asleep, alone. But this time we don’t have a scary Jax in the other room. We do, however, have the ever trusty Rat waiting in the kitchen and looking a lot less imposing than Juicy Boy did last episode.

Nero and Gemma share a nice little chat full of Good Guy Nero’s hopefulness at a reconciliation. And, truly surprising, Gemma states that she can’t be doing any forgiving “right now.” Not “never,” so here’s me hoping for some happiness.

One of the coolest parts of the episode, though, is the Sons riding their bikes together, making a perfect segue into the title sequence. Really. So damn cool I squealed out loud. I told you I’m a sad case when it comes to ‘Sons.’

The meeting with the Irish to go over Clay’s escape is rather interesting with all those fancy maps. Damn, the Irish sure know their stuff when it comes to breaking out prisoners for the good of gun selling. Speaking of which, this episode really does a good job of playing with your emotions, Clay-wise. On the one hand, the guy has done so much bad stuff in his life that he deserves to leave and never come back ever. On the other hand, though, we see this sad man who is maybe really sorry? And can we just forgive and forget please?

So now the guys are getting ready to head out for the road mission of breaking Clay out of the armored truck. And it wouldn’t be quite the episode if good ole Tiggy didn’t break out the comedy in reference to the truck he’s taking, asking, “why are we pink?” Though by now I can hardly deal with you, Tiggs. This shit is about to go down and I’m getting stressed out.

After a commercial break (with a ‘Justified’ preview featuring Venus?? What??), we get to see Unser really tell Gemma what the viewers are all thinking when he says sadly, “This life ain’t romantic or free. . .It’s just dirty and sad.” To which Gemma can’t quite delve up a witty comeback for yet.

The Sons and the Irish succeed in busting Clay out of the truck and wisking him away to the private airport but not before Bobby (BOBBY?? WHAT? HOW? NO!) takes a bullet from what to me seems AR-15 coupled with Vortex scope similar to the one in Strikefire 2 review. My first thought it a hopeful one that Dr. Tara will come to the rescue and show Jax that she’s still a human and he should love her and they should just live happily ever after. Okay, I’m done.

But luckily she does come to help and arrives after Jax and the boys pretty much annihilate the asshole Irish who have outstayed their welcome long ago. But what’s a short hiatus episode without at least one monumental casualty? Sure enough the boys had taken a vote off camera and Jax is tasked with shotting Clay dead. I’m sure the shots he laid into him after weren’t previously discussed but hey, I guess no harm to an already dying body.

But as Gemma watches Clay take the first bullet to his throat and becomes such a shocked shell of herself, I have to wonder and hope that she sees some of what Tara and Nero have been saying against the lifestyle around them.

But no time for that now. Tara needs to head to St. Thomas for supplies for Bobby. On the way, she gets a call from the state attorney with an offer now that Jax pretty much only followed through on his previous deal with a technicality. Well I guess she never said she wanted Galen alive and breathing so he did deliver, but. . .

Tara meets with her at the hospital and is given the chance to give up the club (again) and in return get immunity and freedom for her boys. Tara, all frowns and worry, asks to have the night to think about it. But that’s all she’ll get.

She’s able to save Bobby at the cabin – all together now, yay! – and finally gets an apology from our Jacky Boy. He understands why she did what she did, going behind his back, and he actually apologizes. And I won’t lie, I was so hoping for some sort of physical connection between our two lovers. I mean, they can’t be apart forever right?

But Tara never fails us in her sneakiness, as she waits until she is alone to pull out Bobby’s bullet, still wet with his blood, and DNA. Proof the state attorney would need to put the Sons away.

And all the while I’m thinking and saying out loud, “don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.” I guess in 2 weeks we’ll find out what Tara chooses.


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