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Small Victory For Gay Marriage In Ohio

Judge Timothy S. Black ruled that in the case of same-sex couples married out of state, their marriages will be recognized in Ohio in the case of one of their deaths. Meaning that the surviving spouse may be a widower listed on the death certificate. While this still does not entail gay marriage to be permitted in the state, it is a small step toward accepting what so many other states have come to allow.


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Currently, 18 U.S. states have legalized same-sex marriage. This includes states like Utah, which some might think less liberal in their ways, and East Coast states like New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Being relatively close in proximity to such states, Ohio shouldn’t continue to be overlooked as a contender for legalizing gay marriage. The 2014 Gay Games are going to be held in the state and there are countless gay pride parades and celebrations to be had yearly. So many of the people are ready. Some are even no doubt so tired of the ban on gay marriage, an idea that is beginning to feel almost barbaric.

The judge’s ruling on recognizing same-sex marriages is a fantastic feat for Ohio, especially considering its continued denial of allowing actual marriages to take place. But let’s hope it gives way to such things, as Ohio is more than behind in its liberal views.


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