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Riverwest Co-op

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The Riverwest Co-op

The Riverwest Co-op is a vegan and vegetarian friendly, volunteer-run, community owned and operated grocery store and deli located at 733 East Clarke Street, in Milwaukee, WI. The deli serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, and delivers by bike!

They and pride themselves on selling organic, fair trade, and locally grown food at fair prices.

How was it formed?

It was formed in 1999 by a group of people who wanted to dedicate their time to starting a viable neighborhood co-op grocery store. “After two years of planning and fundraising, and after thousands of hours of ‘blood, sweat, and tears,’ the Co-­op opened its doors to the public in November of 2001.” Now there are over 1300 members and 60 active volunteers!

Impact on the neighborhood

Since then, it’s been going full-force, maintaining excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Unlike a normal grocery store, they sell local products whenever possible, so your money is going back into the community. You can expect a friendly atmosphere because the workers are volunteers who choose to be there without pay, as opposed to a chain grocery store where they’re counting down the minutes until they can go home.

Personally, we love to eat in the deli! Their menu is packed with nutritious and satisfying concoctions such as my favorite, Cafe’s Breakfast Muffin, which is made with locally grown tomatoes, spinach and onion stacked on top of a vegetarian patty, a farm fresh egg, and vegan mayo.

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