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Restaurant Server Receives Helpful Tip From Customer

Ever since restaurant patrons have been popping up with their not-so-clever lack of tip reasonings, there’s been a funny stigma around that ‘tip’ line to fill in on receipts. You want to fill it in with something outrageous about giving ten percent to your religion and wondering why you should give more to the waiter. Then you realize how outrageous that is and promptly fill it in with the proper amount, perhaps adding some change to round it all out and make it pretty.

One server on Reddit recently posted a note they received from a customer. No, it wasn’t denying them a tip. And, my all accounts so far, it wasn’t made up by the server to gain attention. It was something much more warranted than the recent notes and receipts being left on sticky restaurant tables. Instead, it was a token of advice, a tip you might say, to better serve the server.


Reddit user jessersnake posted this to Reddit after a customer left it with the check.

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