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Pittsburgh’s Best Pizza Pies

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? No one that I know of, at least. In Pittsburgh, there are plenty of family owned pizza shops that are known to have “the best pizza in town”, but who really has the best pizza in Pittsburgh? Below are a few contenders – you can decide on your own who the winner is!

  • Sir Pizza: Sir Pizza, with two locations – one in the North Hills and one in Wexford – is my personal favorite pizza in Pittsburgh. Not only did I grow up eating this pizza, but I continued to bring out-of-towners to try the deliciousness that Sir Pizza has to offer. Sir Pizza serves their pies up differently than most. Instead of being cut into large triangles, the pizza is cut into tiny bite size squares. I myself could easily eat a whole medium pizza to myself, its just that good. The Royal Feast pie is the best and their most favorite and ordered. The pie is topped with finely chopped pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms. The crust has a salty bottom which mixes great with the taste of the fresh ingredients and toppings used in making the pizza. Hands down and by far the best pizza in Pittsburgh. Try it for yourself and see if you agree!
  • Mineo’s Pizza House: Mineo’s Pizza House, located in Mt. Lebanon and Squirrel Hill, is also known to have some of the best pizza in the ‘Burgh. A hometown favorite is their white pizza, which is out of this world and certainly the best you can find in the city. The best aspect of Mineo’s Pizza is the sauce, which has remained a family secret since the mid 50’s.
  • Fiori’s Pizzaria: Located in the South Hills, Fiori’s Pizzaria is the third runner up for the best pizza in Pittsburgh. Fiori’s is a favorite among visitors and out-of-towners. They are known for their New York style pizza – a huge slice with thin crust and all your favorite toppings. I personally love stopping in Fiori’s when I am looking to just grab a slice of pizza, rather than a whole pie. A plain slice of cheese pizza for me and I am pleased, as long as the cheese is piled on, and Fiori’s doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking to grab a greasier slice, stop by Fiori’s, though it is far from the city. The only downfall of the restaurant is that many wish it was in a more convenient location and closer to downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods and outskirts. 

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