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Best of Pittsburgh: Sushi Spots

If you are a sushi fan, I am sure you are always on the hunt to find the best roll in whatever city you are visiting. If you are in Pittsburgh, be sure to check out one or more of these fabulous sushi restaurants which never cease to disappoint in rolling up something mighty tasty and memorable.

  • Nakama: Nakama is one of the most popular sushi spots in Pittsburgh. Located in the busy neighborhood of South Side, Nakama is a popular destination to get groups of friends together before a night out on the town bar hopping the South Side strip. The rolls are made fresh in house and right in front of you if you choose to sit at the sushi bar. The prices are decent and you get a good portion. There are tons of rolls to choose from at Nakama, my favorite being the Nakama Maki, which is spicy tuna, crabstick, cucumber and avocado, as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins Roll, which is spicy tuna wrapped in soy paper and topped with fresh salmon and tempura flakes. Nakama also offers well known rolls that are available at any sushi restaurant. Be sure to stop in South Side at Nakama for a specially rolled sushi plate!
  • Umi: Located in Shadyside, Umi is one of the higher end sushi restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. There are over 20 rolls to chose from, and all are made specially by the talented chef, Mr. Shu. If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion with a special someone, make a reservation for Umi and enjoy their Omakase special, which is a traditional dinner in only the best of sushi houses. Here, you can choose to share seven courses and a dessert, or eleven courses and a dessert – all choices of yours. If you are feeling daring, choose the “trust Mr. Shu” option, and be surprised by the chef himself with creations of his own. A trip to Umi is certainly worth the hefty price if you are a sushi lover or out celebrating something special.
  • Tokyo Japanese Food Store: If you are in the Shadyside area and wanting to cure your sushi craving, be sure to stop at the Tokyo Japanese Food Store, located on Ellsworth Avenue. You can not dine in, for it is simply a Japanese grocery store. If the roll that you desire is not available, just ask the chef and he will gladly make whatever you please. The owners roll sushi fresh and in front of you, and it only takes minutes. There are tons of rolls to choose from, and the process is quick and well worth it to take home and enjoy. The prices are great and you get a hefty portion and are assured that it is fresh!

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