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Best of Pittsburgh: Outdoor Dining

Come springtime when the birds start chirping and the sun starts shining, what better way to enjoy an evening out on the town than by dining at a restaurant with both great cuisine and relaxing outdoor seating. Below is a list of some of the hottest spots in Pittsburgh to grab drinks, munchies and enjoy the warm weather, all at the same time.

  • Round Corner Cantina: Located in Lawrenceville, Round Corner Cantina is known for their outdoor dining and back patio. It is significantly difficult to find great restaurants with outdoor seating while in the city, but Round Corner certainly delivers. The bar and dining area inside the restaurant is exceptionally small, and it isn’t until you get to the patio that there is a relaxing amount of space for those wanting to sit and enjoy some handmade margaritas. If you are craving a cool and refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon, be sure to check out Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville for fabulous cocktails and a lively outdoor seating area.
  • Harris Grill: Harris Grill, located in Shadyside, is known for their not only one, but two patios. Their front patio is always a hopping spot to grab drinks and a bite to eat with friends or for a hot date. Being a Harris Grill regular, there is rarely a time when there are open tables on the patio. If you are dining there for brunch and would like to enjoy the sunshine, be sure to arrive early when brunch begins, to be sure to secure a table for you and your guests. What better way to spend a Sunday morning or afternoon than by dining and sipping on mimosas in the sunshine? I can’t think of a better way to start Sunday Funday.
  • Steel Cactus: Steel Cactus, also located in Shadyside, is a new establishment in the area. The hot spot on Walnut is popular for their rooftop deck, which is open for drinks until 2 am. Until midnight, food is also served on the roof. Hanging out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night while sipping on some Mexican cocktails is a great way to start your night out, especially overlooking all of Shadyside from Steel Cactus’ rooftop deck.

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