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Part 3 of 3: Artist Sarah Ozurumba (Drawing with Scissors)

Piece by Sarah Ozurumba

Piece by Sarah Ozurumba

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of my interview with Milwaukee, WI artist, Sarah Ozurumba!

Your pieces always make me smile. The only problem I have is deciding which one to buy because they’re all so cool. Which of your pieces are most popular?

Jellyfish sell fast, owls were all the rage over the summer, yellow birds are popular and my colorful betta fish with 3D fins are a hot commodity too.  My favorites are the ones that are a little strange like a Jackalope that I sold a few months ago.

What kind of feedback have you gotten on your pieces?

Last Bayview Gallery Night, a drunk man from the art bus said he loved them, “but I should add more sparkle”, and we had a fun conversation.  Most people comment that they haven’t seen art like it before or that its unique. A lot of people can think of someone that would love a certain piece, so bring the person over for a look or buy it as a gift.

Where can we find your works for sale? What is your website or upcoming show schedule? Where can we find you?

My work can be found in Egg Harbor in Door County at Dovetail Gallery right on WI 42.  I also have an upcoming art show at Wabash Valley College in Illinois in April.  I will be showing work that relate to mythology and legends of deer.  There will be drawings, prints, and cut paper collages. I also sell my work around Milwaukee at several of the street festivals in summer like Center Street Daze, Summer Solstice on North Ave., Bayview Gallery Night and the mini art show at ArtBar in December. My husband is working on making a website for me and you can see a few entries there  A better bet would be to find and like my Drawing with Scissors facebook page where you can see my work in progress and interact with me if you are interested.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about you or your work? What will you create next?

I have been making and selling a few monoprints in addition to my cut paper collages and this summer you may be seeing more of my drawings.  The next few months will be tied up in my deer series.  I am working on this, because I find the fascination with antlered and horned animals exists in most cultures around the world.  I have been finding some of this mythology and expressing the stories in my visual language.  I am excited for the summer to hit so I can spend more time in my little studio room at home and making work to sell and display this summer and fall.

Thanks again, Sarah! You are nothing short of inspirational!

Be sure to ‘Like’ her Facebook page, Drawing with Scissors! There you can check out her work and see where she’ll be next. Thanks for reading — Now go get your hands on one of her amazing pieces! :)

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