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A Load to Bear: Cutler Vs. McCown

I would not want to be Marc Trestman right about now. Many Bears fans have been extremely impressed with the play of Josh McCown since Cutler’s injury. A lot of them are beginning to ask if McCown is the future Quarterback of the Bears, and why not! In his last three games, he has not thrown a single interception and has shown incredible grace under pressure. He is posting 103.2 rating in comparison to Cutler’s 88.4. He is making better decisions than Cutler has this season and has really created a name for himself, but even a fair weather Quarterback can have a great run.


Image Courtesy bradhoc | Flickr Creative Commons

Image Courtesy bradhoc | Flickr Creative Commons

Over his first 3 seasons, Cutler proved to the Bears Organization and fans that he was the right man for the job. He took more hits than nearly any other Quarterback and continued to get back up, which is why I call him the terminator. No matter how hard you hit this guy, he always had the stones to get back up, dust himself off and march back into the huddle. The fact that he could even remain as fearless as he did given the offensive line he had, was a sign of his commitment to his team, this city, and its fans. He has shown solid performances during his time with the Bears but when compared to other QB’s, he is leaving a little to be desired. It’s tough competing in a league with Rodgers, the Mannings, Brady, Luck and RG3, just to name a few, but Cutler has given the Bears enough talent to make the Bears a real threat every week.


Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images

After Cutler went down, a lot of Bears fans began to write off the season, and thoughts of a post season began to flounder away. Suddenly, McCown comes literally out of nowhere and handled the offense like it was his own creation. In his first 3 games, he posted 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and a passer rating of 103.2, not bad for a backup…hell… not bad for a starter either! The question becomes is McCown just another Matt Flynn, who can show sparks of brilliance for Chicago, as Flynn did for Green Bay? Or does McCown have the goods to put Chicago back in the hunt? You have to consider the possibility. Some of the best Quarterbacks in the league have been overlooked, cut, or 2nd stringers who, when given the chance to show how they have developed, blew the roof off the entire city. Is this what is happening here in Chicago? We could very well be looking at our own little Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady right here in the Windy City; let’s just hope it’s not another Rex Grossman.


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