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Hit The Lights Returns To Ohio For Acoustic Show At Mahall’s

The Lima, Ohio natives of Hit the Lights will be returning to their home state for the Acoustic Basement Tour at Lakewood’s Mahall’s. You might know the place as a neighborhood bowling alley but as of late, it is so much more. You can get some pretty great burgers and brewery potato hips at the bar and the laid back atmosphere of the stage areas inside make you feel like you’re at a special gathering fr your favorite artists. But you know, with tons of bodies around you.

The guys of Hit the Lights have made their way around the Cleveland venues before, but this acoustic gig next Friday, February 7, should be something a little more special. But if they aren’t necessarily on your to-do list of artists to drool over, go for Brian Marquis, Avenue, Transit, Front Porch Step, and Slow to Speak. Hell, for $12 a ticket, go for them all and just open your ears to some goodness.

Doors open at 6 and the show starts at 6:30. For more info and for tickets, go to

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