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Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Dependable Drive-In

It isn’t often nowadays that you come across a drive-in movie theater. Here in Pittsburgh, we are blessed to still have two drive-in’s open and in business all year long. The more well-known drive-in theater in the city of Pittsburgh is The Dependable Drive-In, located in Moon Township, about 20 minutes outside of the city and minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The Dependable Drive-In has been a staple of Pittsburgh for over 60 years. The drive-in has four screens that show two movies each, every night of the year. it doesn’t matter what the season is, whether it’s the dead of winter or the warm middle of summer – The Dependable is always showing your most recent and favorite movies and flicks that are currently in theaters.

If you are looking for a different kind of movie experience, and not wanting to be cooped up in a movie theater, take a drive out to The Dependable to enjoy your favorite flick without having to worry about interrupting others.

My favorite part of the drive-in is getting a group of friends together, packing up blankets and lawn chairs, a cooler filled with our favorite snacks, beers and drinks, and setting up camp outside of our cars in front of the movie screen. On a warm summer night, there is no other way I would want to enjoy a movie with friends.

Families and friends arrive early before the showings and on nice evenings, start games of catch with others around them. The drive-in has a sense of warmth and community, for everyone who works at the ticket boxes and concessions are friendly and welcoming.

Another bonus to seeing the newest movies at the drive-in is that they are more than half the price of seeing a movie in a theater, and you get to see two movies rather than just one. On some summer nights, The Dependable has specials where they are even cheaper than normal.

For a fun and unique movie-going experience, pack up your backseat with blankets, chairs, drinks and snacks (all the necessities), and drive out to the drive-in for an enjoyable night at the movies under the stars.

500 Moon Clinton Road

Moon Township – Pittsburgh, PA

Openings / Movie Times vary on season – check website

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