Happy Dog Co-Owner Dies In Accident

If you’re from the West side, you are no doubt familiar with Happy Dog, a venue bar with the ultimate hot dog menu. Then again, if you reside on the East side, you’re probably equally as familiar. Especially since they were set to open a second location near University Circle. Regardless, there’s a great chance that Happy Dog has stolen your heart in the form of hot dogs lathered in house ketchup and corn chips at one point or another. Which makes the death of one of its co-owners that much more unbelievable.

The much loved and all around personable Sean Kilbane died early Sunday morning when he fell down a flight of stairs in the back of the bar. The death of the 43-year-old was a shock to all, including his co-owner and friend, Sean Watterson. As a driving force behind Happy Dog and its soon-to-be sister location, the loss of Kilbane means the business is on hiatus until things can be figured out within.

Happy Dog began its reign in the Gordon Square Arts District back in 2008 and took off from there, featuring a lengthy list of hot dog toppings to pile onto your all meat or all vegan dog, as well as local music. It remains a staple in the neighborhood.


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