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Flotation Therapy Opens the Mind

Imagine yourself floating in warm salt water, in a state of relaxation deeper than you’ve ever experienced before… You have no physical sensory input coming in whatsoever… but you’re awake… Your mind is free to think about your life in a new way. You come up with new ideas, and you see new ways to approach old ideas. Imagine if we could develop a new way of learning while floating?

Imagine if Einstein would have been alive during the therapy’s development. How many more revelations would he have had? How many Einsteins have been left undiscovered because they never tried it? What revelations will you have? Perhaps you’ll discover the meaning of life…or remember where you left your cell phone…

You learn that the mental clutter of external physical sensory input isn’t usually something you consciously notice during your normal day, but that when it’s temporarily removed, you realize how free your mind can truly be, and that your imagination can travel to even more extraordinary places than you ever thought possible. Your body is being rejuvenated. You’re at peace. And with practice, you learn to completely let go…leaving only pure thought…

After a session in a float tank (aka isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank) it is reported that you will feel lighter, more vibrant, have more energy and improved concentration. It is used as a therapy for many issues, such as Fibromyalgia, ADD, and migraines, just to name a few.

It is possible to feel as though you’ve had a vacation in just an hour. Float on your lunch break to let go of stress and rejuvenate, or right after a hard workout to soothe your sore muscles and rest. Or make it part of your regular health regimen.

How does it work? The tank is filled halfway with water, which is heated to the same temperature as your body. Sound like a bath? This is much different. There are approximately 800 pounds of salt dissolved into the water, so you feel weightless. Yes, that’s right — 800 pounds of salt. The lid is closed. The tank is very dark and completely quiet. You have time to get away from the busy city to a place where no one can bother you… ahhh… Silence is golden…

Float therapy has grown rapidly in popularity recently, and it’s not just for hippies anymore. Everyone is trying it. Joe Rogan, popular American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, color commentator, entrepreneur, and trained martial artist, is now a big proponent of the tanks, has one in his home, and finds floating to have benefitted his life and work tremendously. He has contributed much to their new-found popularity. You can find him on YouTube and iTunes.

Currently there are no float facilities in Milwaukee that I’m aware of. Please comment below if you know of any that have opened. The nearest one to Milwaukee, SpaceTime Tanks, is in Chicago.

Float:Milwaukee, however, is going to be raising funds via Kickstarter very soon, but would first like their idea to grow in popularity. ‘Like’ them on Facebook if you’re interested in keeping up-to-date on the Kickstarter project and want to get valuable information on floating. After all, it’s a whole lot better than sinking…

Look for my interview with Float:Milwaukee’s founder, Nick Hammond, coming soon!!!

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