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How To Eat Chicken Every Day Without Getting Sick Of It

-Pulled BBQ Chicken-
Not only is this one of those leave it in the slow cooker all day and forget about it meals, but you’ll likely not even remember that it’s chicken. It’s so similar to the smoky pulled pork that everyone with functioning taste buds love that you’ll make extra just for the sake of leftovers.


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-Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken-
Only a fool could find something wrong with a four-ingredient dinner. The packet of Italisn dressing seasoning makes the chicken breasts taste like you did more than tear open a paper package. But sshhh, no one has to know.


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-Panko Chicken Stripes-
The crunchy crumbs definitely take chicken strips to a whole new level. They leave mushy breading out and make you feel like you just turned your kitchen into a KFC.


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-Roast Chicken Pieces-
You may be more accustomed to grabbing one of those pre-roasted rotissere chickens from the supermarket, but there is no reason you can’t try to make the same melt-in-your-mouth bird at home. In this case, you don’t even need an entire chicken, just some pieces and legs.


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-Chicken Samosas-
That’s right, we’re adding some deep-fried methods with this fancy number. Add some seasonings to shredded chicken and wrap it up in dough that you can either make or pick up at the store and prepare to fry ‘em up. The cool thing, though, is that these babies can be made as an appetizer for a party or in large quantities as a meal. Or large quantities as a snack. Because you will want these always.


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Really, you actually cook on the weekends? You don’t ever want to toss the apron aside and let the oven get ice cold from not being used? Well if you’re insane and still love to whip stuff up on the weekends, use these days for heating and preparing leftovers of the greatness you created during the week or for putting some together for next week.

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