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For Crazy Cleveland Cat Ladies

Are you or someone you know a crazy cat lady, or just a cat lover in general? We all know someone who loves their cat more than anything in the world, so why not pay yourself or your friend a visit to Coventry Cats, a small boutique in the heart of Coventry dedicated strictly to accessories, clothing and toys for our feline (or furry) friends.

When Coventry Cats opened, they were strictly a specialty cat store, but as years went by, the store owners and employees realized that neighborhood dogs and their families felt out of the loop. From there on out, Coventry Cats has offered merchandise, clothing, collars, gifts and toys for both cat and dogs, as well as their loving owners and families.

Cats and dogs that are housebroken are welcomed into the store, for everyone in there either working or shopping, is an animal lover themselves. The store does not sell live animals, but does have a bulletin board with posted ads for cat and dog adoptions and lost pets.

The store is filled with cute collars, sweaters, fur accessories, toys – you name it! As well as mugs, glasses, pins, shirts and other items for cat ladies! I bought my best friend, a cat lover herself, a pint glass with a cat nose and whiskers print one year for Christmas, and she sure did love her gift!

Whether you are shopping for a gift for your animal loving pal, or simply for your furry friend themselves – despite the name, Coventry Cats has something for both cats and dogs, as well as their owners.

1810 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights – Cleveland
Monday – Saturday 1030 am – 8 pm
Sunday 12 – 5 pm


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