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Best of Cleveland: Snow Tubing

In Cleveland, winters are brutally cold and windy. Why not take advantage of the cold weather and partake in one of the most fun outdoor winter activities there is: snow tubing!

There are quite a few different areas that are great for snow tubing during the winter. Most are also only about 20 miles from downtown Cleveland, making them reasonably accessible for those living in the city and nearby suburbs to the city.

Snow tubing is a great activity for all to enjoy! Bundle up your friends and family members in the warmers winter layers and coats, and head to one of these many fabulous locations for an adventurous and active day of snow tubing! It’s a great way to take advantage of the cruel Cleveland winter weather.

My first go-to park or resort for snow tubing during winter in Cleveland is at Alpine Valley. Alpine Valley is located in Chesterland, which is only about 30 minutes from Cleveland. Alpine Valley is located right in the heart of Ohio’s snow belt and receives a greater amount of snow than any of the other parks and resorts. Alpine Valley is equipped with an entire snow tube park with trails and paths going on for hundreds of yards. If you are adventuring with friends and others who enjoy snowboarding and skiing, Alpine Valley is also home to the longest half pipe in the state of Ohio. There is a little bit of something for everyone’s favorite winter activity at Alpine Valley!

My second favorite park to snow tube in is at Boston Mills. This location is closer to the city, about only 20 minutes from Cleveland. Boston Mills is a popular resort for residents of both Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio. Here, the resort has an entire snow tubing area that they call Polar Blast. There are over 20 lanes for tubers that seem to go on forever! There is never a dull moment at Boston Mills, and there is always something to do.

If you are looking for a fun winter outdoor activity to partake in with friends without spending too much money, look into taking a day trip to either of these resorts. Snow tubing is an effortless and exciting winter activity for all to enjoy – young or old!

Alpine Valley
10620 Mayfield Road
Chesterland – Cleveland

Boston Mills
1146 West Highland Road
Northfield – Cleveland

Snow Tubing

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