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Cleveland Makes Bike-Sharing Plans

From the RTA’s clean air buses to the growing number of bike paths in and around Cleveland, the city has been doing its best efforts to both reduce air pollution and encourage healthier ways of transportation. This also gave way to easier transportation, in the way of reducing traffic congestion. Or at least, according to Bike Share Cleveland, that is the plan if the bike sharing system can be implemented. In their Bike Sharing Feasibility Study of 2012, with the bike share program, participants can enjoy random bike trips, have a way to be more active, and gain an alternative mode of transportation.

Subscribers could have annual or casual membership keys and enjoy automatic pay stations, as opposed to waiting in long lines at cashier stations. And really, who wants to deal with the possibility of harassed cashiers or other riders? Folks can save on the gas and leave the worry of tire wear on their cars. More info can be found at


Via Flickr / David Goehring

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