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Small Victory For Gay Marriage In Ohi...

flag-13902_640 Judge Timothy S. Black ruled that in the case of same-sex couples married out of state, their marriages will be recognized in Ohio in the case of one of their deaths. Meaning that the surviving spouse may be a widower listed on the death certificate. While this still does not entail gay marriage to be permitted in the state, it is a small ste [...]

Come On Toledo

polling In this week’s installment of Come On Toledo we cover the mayoral election. No not who won, though was it really a shock? Mike Bell lost his way. ┬áHe is a good, no great man but he lost his way. No this Come On Toledo deals with the lack of voters for the mayoral election. Everyone bitches about the mayor. People will say I wish Mike Be [...]

In The Clouds with Joe Woods

joewoods The first time I met Joe Woods I will admit I didn’t think musician. Then one day outside Max & Erma’s on Dussel I heard Joe sing for the first time. The first thought that came to mind…this guy needs to get in touch with the right people he has talent. Joe was raw back then. It was at the beginning of his musical career [...]

Come On Toledo

comeontoledo This week’s Come On Toledo is about the news headlines. This week the headlines are sad and honestly pathetic. Why are people acting a fool in our city. Here is a short list of head lines: Oregon Police Look For Credit Card Thief Crime Driving West Toledo Neighbors Out of Neighborhood Candy Screening Screening Offered At Sheriff’s [...]

Come On Toledo

Once a week we will be bringing you a Come On Toledo article. These articles will cover topics that need addressed in Toledo. This weeks Come On Toledo is the light outside of the Westfield Mall on Talmadge that leads to the Huntington Bank. We all go to the mall and a lot of people turn into the parking lot via one of the Talmadge Rd. entran [...]

5 Haunted Places To Visit Around Tole...

nazareth 1. Gunn Rd. in Holland- Story is a little boy was struck by a car and his ghost haunts the spot. His chalk outline keeps coming through even though they have repaved the road numerous times. I have personally done this one. the outline was there when I visited this spot 7 years ago. Legend has it that it doesn’t rain inside the outline [...]

5 Unique Facts about Maumee, Ohio

maumeeohio 1. The Anthony Wayne Trail was named after General “Mad Anthony” Wayne. 2. Maumee started off as Fort Miami. 3.Fort Miami was built by the British, making Maumee a British started city. 4. In 1790 as colonists were pushing westward the British were helping the Indians in an uprising to keep their land. In the Valley of the Maumee [...]

10 Reasons Your Boyfriend/Husband Hat...

manshopingwithwomen 1. Men hate the mall. Women you usually want to go to the mall to shop, we mainly hate the mall. We are in and out creatures, shopping as well as other things. 2. We don’t try things on. When you say I need to try this on we groan and moan. Maybe not out loud but in our heads. Then we have to spend that awkward period waiting for you to [...]

The Secrets of 92.5′s Morning R...

kissfm 1. Meaghan Mick loves Sushi and tends to laugh very loud and awkwardly with what we would guess is “secret boyfriend” while out to eat. 2. Demetrius didn’t actually lose that race to Phillip. He choked on one of Phillips dreadlocks at the start of the race. That Phillip is cheating. 3. Rodney is actually east side sexy. He i [...]

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