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A Season for Giving

christmas-giving   As the season of giving approaches, our thoughts turn to brightly wrapped packages and twinkling trees. To some, though, giving takes on a different meaning. One such anonymous donor last month gave the gift of security and, literally, warmth to two of Chicago’s shelters for battered women.   Both Clara’s House and Clara’s Place, [...]

New Roo in the Zoo

Image Courtesy of Fox 32, Chicago. Recently the newest member of the marsupial family residing at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo made his debut. The red kangaroo joey born to resident roos, Anna and Jacob, is the first of his breed to be born at Lincoln Park joins his parents and four other red kangaroos who call the zoo home.   Images courtesy of Fox 32, Chicago.   The [...]

Local High School Team Sacks Tornado

Local High School Team Sacks Tornado After celebrating their quarterfinal win, the last thing the boys of the Washington Central High School expected was to have their community rocked by a wild tornado. Instead of standing on the sidelines, these boys…correction…these young men did what they do best, watched each other’s back.     Sunday, November 17th, Washington, IL was leve [...]

17 Year Old Violinist Wows at Chicago...

17 Year Old Violinist Wows at Chicago Performance The Chicago Sinfonietta Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos hosted a stunning performance recently. Crowds in attendance were wowed with great music and other performances. But perhaps none were as stunning as the musical marvel of Adé Williams. The 17-year-old violinist had the audience on their feet after her performance. Aside from her prodigy-l [...]

The Dance Moves to Stop Traffic

Don’t you hate it when you’re all alone in your room and you can just let loose and dance like no one’s watching, but then it turns out that you’re actually in the middle of an urban intersection in Chicago and absolutely everyone is staring at you because you’re dancing on top of your car in the middle of traffic? Me too, but there’s a recen [...]

Flash Robbing Chicago

  Oh the humanity! Flash mobs are supposed to be fun, joyous celebrations of the human spirit, an explosion of fun in the monotony of the 9-5. They’ve become the modern day Robin Hoods, taking joy from fire safety regulators and security guards and giving it to the people. But I’ve always wondered how they got the money for those snappy [...]

Bears Win Becomes Shocking Experience...

Bears Win Becomes Shocking Experience for One Packer Fan Only in Chicago…. A husband and wife, who happen to be on opposite ends of the Packer-Bears rivalry, decided it would be fun to place a bet. If the husband’s beloved Bears won, he would get to taser her, but if her beloved Packer’s won the game, she would get to do it to him. Well, with the recent injuries leaving the Green Bay Pa [...]

Start Your Resolutions Off With The N...

Start Your Resolutions Off With The NYD5K Everyone in Chicago who loves a good run should consider joining up with the NYD5K. So, what is the NYD5K you ask? Well it’s the New Year’s Day 5K taking place in Lincoln Park. There are three different types of events that you can choose from, including a timed run, a fun run, and just a walk for those of us who don’t wear [...]

Turkey or Shopping: What will you Cho...

Turkey or Shopping: What will you Choose? What Deals Will You Find?   Think back to last year’s Thanksgiving. You probably sat around with relatives, some that you liked, some that you didn’t, and ate turkey and all of its fixings. You fell asleep early in your turkey induced coma and woke up before the rooster crowed the next morning to beat people up to get the best savings on the [...]

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