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AJ Bombers Coming Soon to Miller Stad...

AJ Bombers Coming Soon to Miller Stadium! Photo by Mark Brennan AJ Bombers is a kitchy, WWII bomber theme bar burger joint with locations in Milwaukee and Madison. You can’t miss the giant white chair outside where you can have a friend snap your photo. Their slogan is “Happiness, with a side of burgers.” I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews and folks telling me it’s the best bu [...]

Wizard’s Fan Upstages Mascot

wizardsmascot The one rule of fandom is do not upstage the mascot. The mascot is sacred. Hell they have their own show on Hulu Plus. This Washington Wizards fan must not have gotten the memo.

Jingle Balls

basketball Any sports fan could tell you that football is to Thanksgiving as basketball is to Christmas. Indeed, our boys up at the NBA are way ahead of the game when it comes to marketing their Christmas day games. Here’s a clever commercial in honor of the holiday/NBA marriage. Jingle all the way, boys!

LeBron to Play One NFL Game?

lbjfootball King James, one of the greatest basketball players in the world freely and honestly answered questions on Twitter Friday night. He was asked many questions and none that received more attention than if he would want to try the NFL. LeBron answered honestly saying he would like to play in one NFL game before all was said and done in his profes [...]

Michael Jordan, “I could beat L...

mjvslbj The Greatest has spoken and he says he could have taken King James one on one in his prime. Michael Jordan in a video promoting “NBA 2K14″ said he could be all comers except maybe Kobe Bryant if they played in the prime of each players life. He said he may not be able to beat Kobe because “He steals my moves”. You can [...]

Heat to Extend Erik Spoelstra’s...

erik-spoelstra The Heat are set to extend Erik Spoelstra’s contract. The two time NBA champion coach and Miami Heat are finalizing a multi-year extension. Spoelstra, 42, has led the heat to a 260-134 (.660) in five seasons, with three straight trips to the NBA Finals and two titles. He’s 50-29 (.633) in five trips to the postseason. The extensio [...]

Larry Bird puts his Naples, Florida H...

  [wzslider autoplay="true" info="true"] The French Lick, Indiana native Larry Bird has listed his home in Naples Florida for $4.8 million. The house has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a state of the art theater. The former Boston Celtics legend and current Indiana Pacers president bought the house over a decade ago. After signing a m [...]

Shaq now Queen Bee, Buys Ownership in...

shaquille-oneal The Sacramento Kings were once called the Sacramento “Queens” by Shaquille O’Neal. Now he has an ownership stake in the Kings franchise. Shaq and his Lakers teams were the thorn in the side the Sacramento Kings could never get rid of. Shaq led his Lakers past the Kings in three consecutive seasons, from 2000-2002. Now Shaq D [...]

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