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Interview with a Ninja: Anders Johnso...

Interview with a Ninja: Anders Johnson, a Brew City Bruisers Mascot! Left to right: Eamon (to be named) and Anders (aka Bruise Lee) Here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we’re proud of our all-girl flat track roller derby league, the Brew City Bruisers, which is composed of four home teams: the Crazy 8′s, the Maiden Milwaukee, the Shevil Knevils, and the Rushin’ Rollettes! This league is been kicking [...]

Chess Boxing: Think on your feet!

Chess Boxing: Think on your feet! Photo by Simon Elgood I was surfing the web looking for tips on kickboxing form and somehow ended up finding out about a hybrid sport called chess boxing! How did I not know about this before?! This game combines chess and boxing, making it the ultimate test of brains and brawn! What a cool idea – combining a physical sport wi [...]

AJ Bombers Coming Soon to Miller Stad...

AJ Bombers Coming Soon to Miller Stadium! Photo by Mark Brennan AJ Bombers is a kitchy, WWII bomber theme bar burger joint with locations in Milwaukee and Madison. You can’t miss the giant white chair outside where you can have a friend snap your photo. Their slogan is “Happiness, with a side of burgers.” I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews and folks telling me it’s the best bu [...]

WWE 2013 Survivor Series Recap

WWE 2013 Survivor Series Recap Survivor series was, as usual, full of great matches and intense moments. Below you will find some of what we thought were the best highlights of the night, so if you haven’t watched the event yet or heard about the outcome of these matches, then read no further as this will be a spoiler filled article. Tag team elimination-Team 1- Rhodes Br [...]

The Rocks Top 5 Singing Performances

therock Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had great moments in his life. He has been on a national champion college football team. He has won the WWE title multiple times, and had hit movies. One thing that The Rock does that may be taken for granted is carry a tune. His singing is creative and funny. Here are our favorite Rock the musician m [...]

Roll Tide vs. War Eagle

bamaauburn This Saturday is rivalry Saturday. None is bigger than Ohio State vs. Michigan. Yet Alabama vs. Auburn is a close second. An instate rivalry that has gone back and forth, pits friend against friend, husband against wife. A rivalry that has included posioning century old trees. This rivalry is a deep southern tradition sine 1893. You have leg [...]

Thee Game Ohio State vs. Michigan

thegame Nothing, and we mean nothing is bigger in Ohio or Michigan at the end of November than The Game. Sure there is Thanksgiving, but that is just a warm up to the Saturday afternoon following turkey day. The Game is six years older than the World Series and is a quarter century older than the NFL. It has no trophy, as the ultimate trophy is bragg [...]

Where Is Braxton Millers Heisman Love...

Can Braxton Miller get some Heisman love? All this man does is win. He is 23-0 the past two years. Only A.J. McCarron is close to him at 23-1. So again can Braxton Miller get some Heisman love? All year we have heard about Johnny Football, fell short a few times this year. Teddy Bridgewater, seriously does that guy still even play? Marcus Mar [...]

Tigers To Trade Prince Fielder

prince Dear Detroit Tigers the end isn’t near. Just because Jim Leyland retired doesn’t mean sell the farm. What are you thinking? This trade, if you can call it a trade is absurd. Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler? On what planet is that an equal trade? Isn’t this the franchise that stole players from the Marlins? Ripped them off for [...]

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