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Love is in the Air on 11/12/13

wedding Indeed, nothing says forever like a chronologically-pleasing anniversary date. Of course, the numerically-ordered date (for Americans, that is) has become one of the biggest wedding days of the new millennium. This biggie goes along with 1/2/03, 2/3/04, 3/4/05, 4/5/06, and so on. So what makes these dates so exciting for newlyweds? Hell if w [...]

Whatever, eHarmony

dating xiii Following is a photo list of either odd dating sites or odd things found on dating sites. Most of these puppies crossed my weird borders, but the rest are just plain funny.   Welp. Guess I’m going back to the bar scene…

Uh, Honey?

cheating Sure wish a few of my good friends had this on hand when they needed it. New website called posts all of those nasty girls who have had the audacity to invade a relationship or marriage. No kidding, these posts include full names, pictures, and exact locations of where these ladies come from. Almost all of the posts come [...]

Marriage, Make Your Legacy

thenotebook Marriage, it is what every little girl dreams of, or so you think. When you get to the big day. It isn’t so much about the who shows up, the number of attendees. It is about the ceremony. A very personal moment between two people. The ceremony can take place inside a 200 year old church with a ton of history, in an alley or a Hard Rock [...]

Trending on Facebook: Giving Thanks Facebook has had mutliple trends or memes: 25 things about me, 100 books, and the latest one, giraffes. However, in the month of Thanksgiving there is a growing trend to spend the month leading up to turkey day posting status’ each day giving thanks. People have been giving thanks for family, friends, warm homes, food, and p [...]

Pumpkin Proposal

marrymepumpkins Pumpkin carving, it’s over for this year. Yet one man in Dayton, Ohio may have made his pumpkin carving last a lifetime. Zack Stoddard used pumpkins to pop the biggest question of his life to his girlfriend. Zack carved five pumpkins and placed them atop a hill to surprise Lauren Brenneman, his girlfriend of three years. Lauren in front [...]

Benefits of Sitting Down for Family D... Sitting down with your family and turning off the TV during meal times has more benefits than previously realized.  Researchers at Cornell University have found a relationship between BMI of adults and children and how often they ate dinner while watching TV. In this study 190 and 148 children were interviewed and completed ques [...]

DNA May Be Key to Marital Happiness

(Credit: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia) In an October 7th press release and article at Science Daily researchers at UC Berkley and Northwestern University have found evidence that suggests DNA may be a key factor in marital satisfaction and happiness. Researchers found that there is a link between a person’s stated perception of happiness in their relationship and a gene vari [...]

After 80 Years They Say I Do

oldcouple Ladies never ever look at your man like they are taking to long to get to the altar. If he gets to it before 80 years of being together at least he beat this couple. 103, yes 103 year old Jose Manuel Riella and 99 year old Martina Lopez of Paraguay finally got hitched. Sadly they had to do it in a grave yard to have relatives present. Oh it&# [...]

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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy

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Steve Jobs had a high school GPA of 2.65.