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Stop Trying To Make Shower Sex Happen...

Via Flickr / Amy Via Flickr / Amy Turn on any sex-heavy HBO drama or CW vampire saga and you’ll get doused in the kinds of rambunctious sex that’ll make you permanently red in the face. Or, make you reevaluate what you once thought of as a sultry sex life. And then cause you to shoot daggers at your significant other sitting next to you on the cou [...]

How To Dump Your Best Childhood Frien...

bff The short answer is that you can’t. Not really, anyway. When someone is growing up with you, they’re playing a part in shaping the person you become. They’re putting a stamp on so many memories that you’ll likely never be able to let go of. For some, the friendships you hold as children into adulthood fizzle out and be [...]

Jenny Lawson’s Red Dress Projec...

Jenny Lawson’s Red Dress Project Photo courtesy of Dita Actorwson Have you ever wanted to do something daring, but you were afraid people would judge you? Do you ever feel that you deny your wants, desires, and dreams because they aren’t ‘normal’? Life can be rich and fulfilling, if you let yourself shine! But how can we get out of a rut? How can we shock o [...]

What I Learned From Losing My Virgini...

bed Via Flickr / Lies Thru a Lens When you’re a teenager, you think you know everything. When you’re a teenage girl, you think you know everything and then some. In fact, you pretty much feel untouchable. Your parents are stifling you. Or, so loose on discipline that you don’t take them seriously. Your friends are more important [...]

10 Cheap & Free Dates

10 Cheap & Free Dates Being in a relationship has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but man, can dating get expensive! We’re here to help with ideas for cheap and free dates, still filled with excitement and adventure – we promise, nothing boring and ordinary. These are dates you can plan to do both at home and out on the town without breaking the bank! Take a look a [...]

30 Places to “Do It” Befo...

30 Places to “Do It” Before You’re 30: Part One Let’s face it: everyone our age “does it”. Recently while blog searching, While searching, I came across a post on The Buried Life’s Tumblr – yes, that show on MTV with four attractive men on a mission to complete a list of things to do before they die while helping others at the same time. The post titled “30 Places To Do It Before You’re 30 [...]

A Leap of Faith? Or a Risk Not Worth ...

bridge-171807_640 When it comes to love, many people dive in head first. They believe that the person who has made their heart swoon has only their best intentions at heart, and they want to prove their own love to that person by their full trust and devotion. Sometimes this can be a cute in the little things new couples do to show their love, but other times, [...]

The Statue Says It All!

It’s hard enough to go through a divorce, only to find out your ex is back into the dating scene and then quickly moves in with the new love of their life. It’s even harder when you’re a big name in the town you live in because everyone asks you how you’re doing and if you’ve seen the latest antics of your ex. Di [...]

6 Sex Injuries to Avoid

sex I think we all can agree we enjoy a fun time in the sack. For some of us the fun lasts longer than others, you know who you are minute men. Shame on you. With all of the fun being had no one really thinks of injuring themselves during sex. I mean you might toss your partner into a radiator now and then, but that comes with the moves baby. We [...]

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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy

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