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Anthropologie Makes Holiday Shopping ...

anthro1 We’ve all been there. You’ve purchased the perfect gifts for your best friends and significant other and you feel on top of the world, the gift-giving king of everything. Then you remember that co-worker you got in the Secret Santa exchange. And, oh shit, you’re the one in charge of finding something for the in-laws. And don [...]

Cleveland Handmade Market Pops Up At ...

Tomorrow, Dec. 7, Cleveland’s Tower Press Building presents Handmade Markets. Like any nifty thrifter, I can appreciate the allure of a pop-up thrift store, so to speak. Only this spot does you one better. Think Etsy in real life. In fact, many of the vendors have Etsy shops peddling what they’ll have in the flesh tomorrow. From h [...]

Native Cleveland makes Cleveland Prid...

from By now, everyone is plenty familiar with the CLE Clothing Co. store planted in the middle of the bright lights of E. 4th Street. But I only just discovered its sister location, Native Cleveland, at 15813 Waterloo Road, near the Beachland Ballroom. Which only ups its coolness factor. The atmosphere inside the open space is ridiculously laid ba [...]

Who’s Luckier, The Family Or Th...

shard-8294_640 Ok, so what would go through your mind if you woke up to someone breaking into your home and then screaming bloody murder for help? Personally, I’d like to think I would want to find out what was going on, but in all reality, I’d likely lock the door with my kids all in one room, and call authorities. Luckily for a young man in Sa [...]

Billy B – A Credit to His Community

Image courtesy of Billy Brasfield. You might say Billy Brasfield flits from flower to flower. Better known to fans as Billy B, Brasfield is perhaps the premier makeup artist to the most beautiful stars around the world. From Sharon Stone to Dolly Parton, Billy B knows the faces intimately. His portfolio includes all the divas you can mention and he is apt to be found in any ci [...]

Not Okay…

bizarro i So there’s this Imgur user named TwoBiteBrownie who recently went on the web and proclaimed that s/he was proudly staying at a friend’s house. And for good reason. Why? Well, according to TwoBiteBrownie, whose family moved into this not-too-old house (built in the early 2000′s – so no huge risk of anything bizarro happ [...]

Royal Oak Farmer’s Market Offer...

celebrate the season The Royal Oak Farmer’s Market is having their Celebrate the Season Holiday Extravaganza this Thursday, Nov. 7. This will mark the start of the holiday season for the market, being the first of their three holiday-themed events. The event will include all of the joys of the holiday season, including food, drinks, entertainment, and (dare [...]

Enough with the Owls!

owl i I get it. They’re big right now. They’re just another regurgitated fad from the 1970s (or somewhere around there,) but really, do we have to have the same creepy owl staring at us from every corner of the department store? Recently I went shopping, and found those orb-eyed things slapped on clothes and school supplies, entwined in [...]

Recipe: Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares

Recipe: Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares I’m always looking for a great pot luck/brunch recipe I can take with me whenever I need one and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So I want to share one of my favorite recipes, and one that seems to be a bit hit – Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares. It’s a recipe I found in a Pampered Chef cookbook that I’ve made [...]

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