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My Top Five Twilight Zone Episodes

My Top Five Twilight Zone Episodes When the first Twilight Zone episode aired in 1959, science fiction was a new concept and television a new entertainment medium. Rod Serling’s brilliant television series transcended genres, blending elements of horror, drama and comedy, and tackled issues such as racism, xenophobia, and psychological breakdowns. [...]

London Grammar to Make North American...

London Grammar to Make North American Appearance This week, the rising trio from London, London Grammar, will be making their first ever North American television debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in New York City, where they will perform their debut single “Strong” live on NBC. The trio from the United Kingdom is currently touring around Australia, but will be making a pit stop in The [...]

Lifetime Movies–A Guilty Pleasu...

Lifetime Movies–A Guilty Pleasure The Nightmare Nanny Lifetime Movie Featuring hunky cops and handymen who just happen to be single and living next door, washed-up B-list actors, overdramatic music, and murder plots more predictable than a soap opera, Lifetime TV movies are the McDonald’s of cinema–culturally empty. But sometimes, like a Dove ch [...]

‘Breaking Bad’ Wins Golde...

aaron The yellow hazmat suits may have been hung up since September, but ‘Breaking Bad’ fans have not forgotten the allure that sucked them in in the first place. Last night’s Golden Globe Awards proved just that when the show once again took home the award for best drama television series. Not that it garnered much surprise, but [...]

The 10 Stages Of Choosing Something O...

netflixremote Via Flickr / Brian Cantoni 1. Flip through TV channels and try not to toss the remote at the TV before firing up good ole Netflix. 2. Browse your “list”, going back and forth between the many choices, many of which you’ve seen multiple times but can’t bring yourself to remove. 3. Leave your list to browse categories. 4 [...]

‘Parenthood’ Drinking Gam...

parenthood Via NBC. Take a shot every time …Adam yells at Crosby. …Jasmine yells at Crosby. …Crosby tries to be charming. …Amber’s apartment door is unlocked. …An argument consists of the two people trying to talk over each other. …They show anyone’s kitchen. Chug your drink when …Amber cries. … [...]

The 10 Best TV Finales of 2013

shamaless Whether it be the end of season, the end of the show for a couple of months, or the end of the show period, the year of 2013 was privy to some memorable finales on TV. While we can certainly appreciate the more lackluster endings (ahem, ‘Dexter’), it was the shockers that really stuck and are continuing to maintain their place as [...]

College Humor’s ‘Jake And...

jakeandamir For the past five years, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld have written and starred in their comedy web series, ‘Jake and Amir’ in conjunction with For those who aren’t familiar with the duo, what we have are two polar opposite guys in personality with one being an average dude with some asshole tendencies a [...]

How To Blow A ‘Breaking BadR...

bb2 The show is over, the face masks are hung up, the meth is broken up and bagged. But ‘Breaking Bad’ definitely lives on through the millions upon millions of fans and new fans emerging every day thanks to the handy Netflix library. Everybody knows at least one Walter White/Jesse Pinkman fanatic. Or, is one themselves. And with Chri [...]

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