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Comedy Web Series “The Louise L...

Comedy Web Series “The Louise Log” Launches Third Season Rising from New York City, “The Louise Log”, a critically acclaimed and Short Award nominated web series has successfully raised over $22,000 to fun their third season. “Having the audience finance the production gave me a huge boost in confidence to go crazy with the script,” Anne Flournoy, creator of the web series explained of the fundrais [...]

Jonah Hill’s ‘Her’ ...

mespoof Jonah Hill returned to ‘SNL’ on Saturday night as host for the third time in his already expansive career. With his ridiculous range to do movies like ‘This is the End’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ in the same year, though, it’s no surprise that they wanted him back. And, needless to say, the boy killed [...]

EDM Expected to Take Over HBO

This won’t be the first time that EDM is hitting the big screen. First it was Insomniac’s documentary ‘Under the Electric Sky’, now electronic music will be taking over HBO with a new comedy series, ‘Higher’. The series is being develeoped by the minds of Irvine Welsh and mega DJ superstar Calvin Harris. We [...]

9 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

lost 1. ‘Weeds.’ The first couple of episodes are a little shaky but by the third or fourth, ‘Weeds’ finds its footing and you start to become attached to each character and their respective subplot. You also start to gain an attachment to this totally unprepared and dysfunctional pot-dealing suburban widow. Plus, the episo [...]

‘Community’ Very Possibly...

community2 Via Tumblr / NBC For superfans (are there any other kind for this show?) of NBC’s ‘Community,’ it is no secret that the network has long since given this show the back burner. I’m not sure why, exactly, as you can find countless memes and gifs dedicated to ‘Community,’ as well as forums pleading for the for [...]

Watch Episode 1 Of Starz “Black...

Blacksails Starz teamed up with Michael Bay to make a new pirate drama. This isn’t Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a look at pirates like never before. Get lost in their world of murders,thieves, and outcasts all trying to make their place in the pirating world. The show is set to premiere Saturday night but you can watch the firs [...]

‘SNL’ Finally Brings On A...

snl ‘SNL’ has been known recently for gaining new cast members like the plague. Only, they’re not unwanted necessarily. They just seem to come in abundance. But somehow it has taken the NBC show six years to add another black female cast member to its roster. The last was ‘SNL’ veteran Maya Rudolph. Sasheer Zamata ma [...]

‘Party Down South’ Is (So...

party ‘Jersey Shore’ execs have finally broken out the show to replace the late ‘Buckwild’ in our hearts. The former MTV reality show about youths in the West Virginia “holler” gained so much attention and viewership that it was slated for an eminent return with a second season. Those hopes were cut short, howeve [...]

12 ‘Buffy’ Villains You L...

buffy5 Sure, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ centered around an ass-kicking blonde with a group of her “Scoobies,” doing good and generally saving the day. But it was truly the villains who gave her purpose. Without Mayor Wilkins, Buffy would have just been a normal, boring high school graduate. Had it not been for Glory, we would [...]

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