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Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Dependable...

Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Dependable Drive-In It isn’t often nowadays that you come across a drive-in movie theater. Here in Pittsburgh, we are blessed to still have two drive-in’s open and in business all year long. The more well-known drive-in theater in the city of Pittsburgh is The Dependable Drive-In, located in Moon Township, about 20 minutes outside of the city and minutes from th [...]

Discover Pittsburgh: CMU Internationa...

Discover Pittsburgh: CMU International Film Festival       The Carnegie Mellon University International Film Festival is a festival that takes place for three weeks during the spring months in Pittsburgh. Carnegie Mellon University puts on this festival yearly, each with a different theme.   Those who are a fan of independent and international films are able to view some of [...]

‘Parks And Recreation’ St...

‘Parks And Recreation’ Star Chris Pratt Is Everywhere Fans of NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ know Chris Pratt as the lovable Andy Dwyer and while he has no plans of deserting that post anytime soon, he is scheduled to pretty much blow up over the next year. Pratt has already stolen hearts and laughs on ‘Parks and Rec’ for six seasons and will be doing so for at least [...]

‘Clerks III’ Slated To Be...

clerks2 Kevin Smith began his film-making career in 1994 with the indie classic ‘Clerks.’ He went on to direct and star in many others, but diehard fans have always had a soft spot for the original flick that started it all. So it would be no surprise that the Internets would be abuzz with news of the third and final installment. With Smi [...]

‘Super Troopers 2′ Can Ha...

st2 Via IMDB / Fox Searchlight The hilarious Broken Lizard comedy troupe released ‘Super Troopers’ in 2001, only to have it gain something of a cult following during the 13 years it was out. It’s one of those movies that you feel cool just being able to conversationally quote and if you meet a kindred superfan, it’s as if [...]

9 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

lost 1. ‘Weeds.’ The first couple of episodes are a little shaky but by the third or fourth, ‘Weeds’ finds its footing and you start to become attached to each character and their respective subplot. You also start to gain an attachment to this totally unprepared and dysfunctional pot-dealing suburban widow. Plus, the episo [...]

American Hustle: Style, Sleaze and Co...

American Hustle: Style, Sleaze and Con Artists In The 1970s photo The Academy Award-nominated American Hustle begins in 1978, at New York’s Plaza Hotel with Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) looking in a mirror, adjusting his aviator sunglasses and carefully arranging his toupee. Movie watchers soon realize that, like a fake head of hair, nothing is what it seems in this cl [...]

5 Classic Sexy Hollywood Actors

5 Classic Sexy Hollywood Actors   With stars like Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth, Hollywood has no shortage of attractive male talent. But these classic leading men, with their pinstriped suits and fedoras, cool, detached airs, and clever, innuendo-laden lines that they delivered with style, set the stage for many Hollywood hunks today: 1. Clar [...]

Every Female Lead Ever In A Nicholas ...

nic1 Chances are, you’ve seen the photo floating around the Interwebs of a perfect specimen of a man who doesn’t really exist. Or, rather, he exists as several man put into one. That would be the face of every man to ever star in a Nicholas Sparks movie, meshed into one single handsome devil. Now, Reddit user ThatNordicGuy has created [...]

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