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Best of Pittsburgh: Mexican Madness

Best of Pittsburgh: Mexican Madness If you are a fan of Mexican food, there are plenty of places to grab some authentic Mexican bites to eat while in the city of Pittsburgh. Below is a list of the top three spots for your Mexican go-to’s, whether they be burritos, tacos or enchiladas! Las Velas: Located in the heart of Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh, Las Velas is a well [...]

Best of Pittsburgh: Sushi Spots

Best of Pittsburgh: Sushi Spots If you are a sushi fan, I am sure you are always on the hunt to find the best roll in whatever city you are visiting. If you are in Pittsburgh, be sure to check out one or more of these fabulous sushi restaurants which never cease to disappoint in rolling up something mighty tasty and memorable. Nakama: Nakama is one of the most popular sush [...]

Best of Pittsburgh: Signature Cocktai...

Best of Pittsburgh: Signature Cocktails There are many new restaurants in Pittsburgh that have been specializing in signature cocktails. Below is a list of some of the top notch bars and restaurants in the city that are known to shake up some of the best signature cocktails in the ‘Burgh. If you are looking to grab drinks with a date or friends, and mix it up a bit with your choice [...]

Best of Pittsburgh: Italian Eats

Best of Pittsburgh: Italian Eats Almost every city in the United States has their own Little Italy, where Italian immigrants settled when coming to America, bringing the Italian culture with them to that specific city. In Pittsburgh, Little Italy is located in the Bloomfield neighborhood of the East End. The streets of Bloomfield are lined with Italian bakeries, restaurants [...]

Best of Pittsburgh: Mad Margaritas

Best of Pittsburgh: Mad Margaritas When the weather starts to get warmed and the sun begins to shine in Pittsburgh, the best way to spend your afternoon or evening is sipping on a refreshing margarita. Who doesn’t love sipping on a flavorful marg while enjoying the sunshine? Below are some of Pittsburgh’s favorite spots to get your tequila fix! Mad Mex has many locations in P [...]

Favorite Neighborhoods: Downtown Pitt...

Favorite Neighborhoods: Downtown Pittsburgh Downtown Pittsburgh, years ago, used to be a dead town – rarely would you see people out at night, looking to get into something fun for the evening. Now, the city is popping again, with so much to do and so much to see. Pittsburgh is a city that is progressively becoming more and more popular for both movers, visitors and travelers. Some, th [...]

Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Cucumber F...

Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Cucumber Falls Cucumber Falls is a special waterfall location in the heart of Ohio Pyle State Park. If you are adventuring in the park and want to cool off, head on over to Cucumber Falls (follow street maps and arrows, they are located throughout the park). Cucumber Falls can be reached from Kentuck road, which intersected with route 381 – this route runs [...]

Best of Pittsburgh: East End Brewing ...

Best of Pittsburgh: East End Brewing Company East End Brewing Company, located in the East End neighborhood of Point Breeze in Pittsburgh, is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular and well-known microbreweries. If you are looking for a place to sit down and have a bite to eat while tasting a few beers, this is not the place. Because it is a microbrewery, East End Brewing Company is small and [...]

Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Eons

Hidden Gems of Pittsburgh: Eons Eons, located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is a one-of-a-kind vintage store with clothing items, shoes and accessories for both men and women that can not be found elsewhere in the city. Eons is a great place to go if you are looking for a unique piece to add to your hip and chic wardrobe, or if you are in search of something [...]

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