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The Biebs Arrested for DUI in Miami

The clocks were ticking and everyone was waiting for this to happen. Early Thursday morning around 4 am, Justin Bieber was pulled over and arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing and driving with an expired license. Bieber failed his sobriety test and also resisted arrest, refusing to take his hands out of his pockets when the cops asked him to.

It has been announced that Bieber admitted to having beers, prescription drugs and marijuana in his system.┬áThe first reason for approach was the fact that JB’s “people” were blocking the street in order to make it a makeshift racetrack while he and rapper friend Khalil raced rented Lamborghinis, putting not only themselves in danger but also their passengers.

Bieber had been spotted leaving a Miami nightclub earlier that night and stepping into his rented yellow Lambo, with a model in the passenger seat. The Miami Beach police confirmed the 19 year-old superstar was taken into custody early Thursday morning, and expected to be booked later in the day.

Looks like this was all just a matter of time, for his house was just raided by police last week in relation to an egging incident that caused $20,000 in damage to a neighbor’s home. And the best part of the whole scandal? The mugshot. Looks like the Biebs was just waiting for this to happen.



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