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Bears Win Becomes Shocking Experience for One Packer Fan

Only in Chicago….

A husband and wife, who happen to be on opposite ends of the Packer-Bears rivalry, decided it would be fun to place a bet. If the husband’s beloved Bears won, he would get to taser her, but if her beloved Packer’s won the game, she would get to do it to him.

Well, with the recent injuries leaving the Green Bay Packers scrambling to figure out their offensive footing, the Bears ended up with the win after all was said and done. So, much to the wife’s chagrin, they went outside of the bar they were watching the game at, and the husband shocked her twice in the ass.


[Dodge County Jail] Image Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

[Dodge County Jail] Image Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

As if that wasn’t good enough, that’s not where the story ends. After feeling the pain associated with the taser, the wife changed her mind and called the police on her husband. She told the police officers who showed up that she never gave anyone consent to shock her, and told them how much it hurt. Now, he is facing felony charges of possessing an electronic weapon.

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