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AJ Bombers Coming Soon to Miller Stadium!

Photo by Mark Brennan

Photo by Mark Brennan

AJ Bombers is a kitchy, WWII bomber theme bar burger joint with locations in Milwaukee and Madison. You can’t miss the giant white chair outside where you can have a friend snap your photo. Their slogan is “Happiness, with a side of burgers.” I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews and folks telling me it’s the best burger they’ve had in the city.

They are known also for their signature custard and unique way of delivering peanuts to your table. Watch a short clip of their famous “Peanut Bomb”.

On they boast, “P-Nuts, Burgers & Beer! That’s the best way to sum up this kitschy, fun restaurant and bar located in downtown Milwaukee and downtown Madison. It’s just as fun to hang here with your friends or bring the kids for a fun family meal. By the way, our Milwaukee Burger was declared Winner of the Travel Channel’s FOOD WARS and our Mad ‘Sconnie voted “Madison’s Best Burger” via Madison Magazine. “

Ready for baseball, with a side of burgers? They’re opening a location on March 31st, right outside the Park Pavilion on the West Side of Miller Stadium in Milwaukee, WI. I’ll see you guys there!

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