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12 Pinterest Products That Make Great Gifts

1. This Vintage Inspired Recycled Beer Sign. Because who doesn’t know someone who can knock back a few and still remain sober enough to appreciate the finer, restored rustic things in life?


Via Etsy.

2. BioSense Memory Foam Mattress Topper. A Pinterest pinner described the topper as “cloud sleep.” That alone just makes me want to take a serious dive onto any bed with this laid on top. Think Heaven, but you know, without all of that after life stuff.

3. Metal Cordies. For the techie in your life who still can’t get that whole organization down. You know the one. Their tangled USB cords might make you crazier than them, but they’re sure to appreciate this gesture of good faith.

4. FingerPrint Bookmark. We have all wanted something like this at some point in our spurts of intense reading. Who wants to dog ear a page and then search for the exact spot you left off at? With this bookmark, that reader you always see with their nose pressed to the inside binding will have no excuse not to look up for once.

5. Vegetable Twister. Hello, why do you even need convincing on this one? There must be a health nut or wannabe health nut in your life, constantly spouting about the next “superfood.” This gadget twists any veggie into a spaghetti noodle shape to use instead of the starchy thing. So do your friend one better and give them a reason to eat the original superfood, veggies.

6. Clip-on knife cleaner. For the cook in your life who would totally appreciate this. NO one likes prolonged exposure of their fingers to garlic or onion. The less juices to sneak under the fingernails, the better. This guy makes it possible to slide the chopped veg off the knife without even touching it again. Look Ma, no hands!

7. Diamond Candles. No catch here, at least thus far it doesn’t seem as if there’s one. All you do is purchase a candle for that diamond buff and by the time they burn the entire thing down, they’ll get a treat of a ring valued anywhere from $10 to $5,000. Even if its the low end of the spectrum, it’s a satisfying surprise for a candle well lit.

8. Polaroid Z2300. A digital camera that makes sticker photos. That’s right, directly from the camera. And when you run out, you can snag some more photo paper from the site. Pretty handy, Polaroid.

9. Silpoura strainer. Uh, hello, does this even need an introduction? Any person who has ever cooked can appreciate the usefulness of this snap-on grease strainer, preventing an oil-splattered sink and just making a kitchen job that much easier.

10. Pineapple corer and slicer. What’s that you say? You’ve been using a knife like a sucker? Well if you must continue doing so, at least don’t let your loved one. Friends don’t let friends do unnecessary kitchen work.

11. Felt Sushi Play Food. Because only suckers let their kids play with boring, tired, plastic play food. And who needs the standard hotdog and hamburgers to feign eating? Get fancy and let your kid pretend to be a serious chef with this set.


Via Etsy.

12. Stuffed Hamburger Press. Anyone you gift with a cooking tool must, in turn, use that tool to feed and nourish you. That’s just the law of the present world. So do yourself a favor and give ‘em this dream burger creator and sit back for the meal you deserve, you awesome present-giver you.


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