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The 10 Stages of a Pubescent Crush

1. Spot the victim across the hall/classroom/gym.

2. Write one of these notes to announce the new crush news to all of your friends.

3. Begin writing your first name with his last name over and over again.

4. Obtain his phone number somehow and give him a ring. But, you know, hang up as soon as he answers.

5. Stare daggers at his significant other when you find out he has one (gasp!).

6. Ask one of your friends to ask him if he likes you.

7. Receive a reply similar to, “he said he doesn’t know if he likes you. So he probably does ¬†eeek!”
girl gossip

8. Stand with your friends at the spring dance, occasionally glancing at him and his group of cohorts.

9. Ask one of your friends to ask him to dance for you.

10. (Maybe) get a dance and do the awkward pre-teen shuffle.

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